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Lethbridge School Division E-Learning pilot project to begin next year

Elementary application form: ELEMENTARY

Middle school application form: MIDDLE SCHOOL

High school application form: HIGH SCHOOL

Lethbridge School Division’s E-Learning pilot project is designed as a program of choice that will be delivered starting next year.
The E-Learning pilot project is not a response to COVID-19 and is not the same as the Division’s at-home learning option that is currently being offered for families during the pandemic.
The Division is offering this program for students and families who wish to pursue learning using the online delivery format. It is a year-long commitment to engage with an online class and teacher assigned to that class.
To be considered for entry into the pilot project, an Expression of Interest application form must be filled out. The program for students in Grade 1 to Grade 8 is ready for applications, and the process for high school E-Learning is currently under construction. Grade 1 to Grade 8 will feature full-time E-Learning delivery.
High school will be designed so that courses can be selected. This will provide high school students with the flexibility to be full-time E-Learning students, or to blend E-Learning with in-school learning.
So, how will the Lethbridge School Division E-Learning program differ from traditional distance learning and online models where students are entirely independent?
The Division’s belief in quality instruction has created a structure in which students are part of a classroom and school community, with direct daily interaction. Students will be part of a class community and will be linked to a school community.
The elementary program for Grade 1 to Grade 5 will be delivered by staff at our new southside elementary school, Dr. Robert Plaxton Elementary School.
The middle school program for Grade 6 to Grade 8 will be delivered by staff and Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School.
The high school program for Grade 9 to Grade 12 will be delivered by staff at Lethbridge Collegaite Institute.
Please note the deadline for filling out an Expression of Interest application form is June 7
For questions related to the elementary program, please email Dr. Plaxton Principal Erin Hurkett at erin.hurkett@lethsd.ab.ca.
At the middle school level, questions can be directed to Senator Fairbairn Principal Craig DeJong at craig.dejong@lethsd.ab.ca.
At the high school level, questions can be directed to Lethbridge Collegiate Institute Principal Wayne Pallett at wayne.pallett@lethsd.ab.ca.